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Spotted: First Pokémon Trading Cards featuring the new 8th-Generation Pokémon (Update)

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Since Nintendo’s big «Nintendo Direct» Update on «Pokémon Sword & Shield» earlier this week, the first few Pokémon from Generation 8 (besides the starters) are known – and they are adorable! And we know that The Pokémon Company has been looking for fresh design talents to draw some more miraculous Pokémon artworks via a contest.

But since The Pokémon Company International (TPCI) won’t give us a glimpse at Pokémon TCG Cards featuring the new Generation Pokémon for at least another 3-4 months, «CardCollectors» went to travel across the land, searching far and wide to find a bunch of very talented artists up to the task of designing the first Generation 8 Pokémon Trading Cards. Those designs are so cool – they should all be official, don’t you agree? ?

++ This post is regularly updated as new Artworks are added ++

Tag Team TRIO: Featuring the Starters by Zaba

Among the most visually striking designs – and also totally up to speed with the current «TAG TEAM» hype – is a custom card by «ZabaCards»: His artwork even goes for a full «TAG TRIO» including Scorbunny, Grookey and Sobble and a Map of the Galar Region in the background.

Pokemon TCG Custom Gen8 Trading Card Starter Tag Team Trio by Zaba CardCollectors


Doubling down on cuteness: Wooloo-GX with Shiny Variant

The incredibly talented Design Artist Sophie Kelevra (meet her on Instagram) doubles down on the joy: Not only does she deliver a spot-on design for a Full-Art «Wooloo» GX-Card complete with the Attacks «Cheer Up» and «Quick Attack» – She even imagined a Shiny Variant of everyone’s favourite Gen8-Sheep. Anyone in for a second round of «GX Ultra Shiny» / «Hidden Fates»?

Pokemon TCG Custom Gen8 Trading Card Wooloo GX Shiny by Sophie Kelevra CardCollectors


Legendary: Zamazenta by Pokemondecals and InfernosGames

Remember the glorious «Wizards of the Coast» times? Well – Pokemondecals and InfernosGames do! And they designed a stunning card featuring one of the two new Legendary Pokémon from «Sword and Shield»: Zamazenta! Now who’s gonna draw us a Zacian to restore balance in Galar Region? ? Want one of your own? They’re available on Etsy!

Pokemon TCG Custom Gen8 Trading Card Legendary Zamazenta Holo by Pokemondecals CardCollectors


The Starters as Singles and some Tag Team Full Arts: By Alfie Robles

As Reddit user and all-around cool dude «Kronopix» points out, a certain artist named Alfie Robles took to the «Pokébeach» forums their own approach to the Galar Region Starters: Grookey, Scorbunny and Sobble. Because of course those Pokémon would get the most attention in the beginning. We especially love that the artist took the time to include a set logo for the first «Sword & Shield» expansion – which he believes will feature a total of 135 cards (that’s without the secret rares).

Pokemon TCG Custom Gen8 Trading Card 3 Starters by alfierobles CardCollectors

But Alfie Robles – also known by his Design Alter Ego «AnekDamian» – is not done there: He doubles down with the stunning design of two «Full Art» Tag Team Cards. And finally our prayers have been heard: Crowd favourite Wooloo is featured – Shepherds worldwide rejoice! ❤️?
On these two fan-made masterpieces we have «Mareep & Wooloo» – an absolute dream team and hopefully soon also featured as an official «Tag Team» – and «Jumpluff & Eldegoss».

Pre Pokemon TCG Custom Gen8 Trading Card Zamazenta Holo by AlfieRobles CardCollectors


Hand-drawn Eldegoss by master_noctowl

From Instagram User and Artist master_noctowl comes an artwork you don’t see so often these days: A «pencil on cardboard» hand-drawn variant of Eldegoss. A true «Full Art» by any means, this variant even omits the usual numbers and descriptions on the card. We dig the dark grey border, which reminds us a bit of Japan’s «Best of XY» Set.

Pokemon TCG Custom Gen8 Trading Card Eldegoss Handdrawn by masternoctowl CardCollectors

NOTE: Blog Post in Progress – we’ll add more Custom Cards as they pop up around the internet. If you have any inputs or would like to share your work here: Contact us via E-Mail or Instagram!

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