«GX Ultra Shiny» SM8b: Booster Pack (JPN)


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«GX Ultra Shiny» SM8b: Booster Pack (JPN)

  • This is one (1) Booster Pack out of a Booster Box of «SM8b GX Ultra Shiny»
  • Each pack contains 10 Cards: One of them is guaranteed to be a GX or better card

This is your chance to buy a piece of Pokémon TCG history: «GX Ultra Shiny» was only released in Japan and features incredible and rare «Ultra Shiny» Cards featuring the shiny variants of popular Pokémon.

Every Pack has a guaranteed Pull!

This is a Booster Pack where you’ll always win: Each Pack is guaranteed at least one «GX» Card, plus three Holo Cards and one special Reverse Holo. With so many awesome cards guaranteed, the pack basically pays for itself. One in 10 Booster Packs also contains 1-2 Shiny Cards and around 1 GX Shiny Full Art (SSR = Shiny Secret Rare).

These are brand new and sealed, sold out all over Japan and already a collector’s item.
Make sure to grab yours while supplies last!

Watch our Opening of a «GX Ultra Shiny» Booster Box on YouTube:


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