«Miracle Twins» SM11: Booster Pack (JPN)


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«Miracle Twins» SM11: Booster Pack (JPN)

This is your chance to buy a Booster Pack of «Miracle Twins» – a Set that has only been released in Japan and features some incredible Artwork on High-Quality Cards. This subset adds more of the newly introduced Tag Team Pokémon-GX to the TCG.

And for the first time ever: The absolutely epic combination of Mew & Mewtwo on a Set of four different «Team Up» GX Cards.

Release Date of «Miracle Twins» in Japan: May 31st, 2019

These are brand new and sealed, and very popular not only in Japan – definitely a collector’s item and a valuable addition for every Pokémon TCG Collection.
Make sure to grab yours while supplies last!

Watch us open a full Box of «SM11 Miracle Twins»:


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